Sussex Conversations finally live and on air!

After 8.30 hours of preparations and setting up, the show is finally live! All our crew members are on their positions, following instructions and doing as rehearsed.

Rehearsals took about two hours but everything is fine and working, everyone knows their positions and eagerly standing by for instructions.

Situation in the gallery is more relaxed than expected. The vision mixer is handling her responsibilities very professionally, so are the sound mixing and VTs. There are currently 14 people in the gallery, all focused on their positions.

Panelists talking live include Sarah Montague (journalist), Paul Appleby(analysist of energy market developments), Professor Andy Sterling (co-director of STEPS center) and Baroness Bryony Worthington (shadow minister for energy and climate change).

Surrounded by old historic books here in the gallery and watching the panelist talk about big topics like energy and power one cannot help stay glued to the screen and listening to the programme.

If you wish to tune in at

And as usual, us behind the scenes guys keep on documenting everything going on behind the screens!


– Mina


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