Power hungry:

how can we sustain our energy needs?

Wind, nuclear, offshore, solar – we have a range of alternative energies seemingly available to us in the UK, but how realistic is it to believe that we can achieve any meaningful reduction in carbon emissions through renewables, or even by building new nuclear power stations? New sources of ‘affordable’ energy, such as fracking, offer a solution t0 some, but many are opposed on environmental grounds. In contrast to the United States, there also remains serious uncertainty about its cost and effectiveness here in the UK.

With the on-going crisis in energy bills affecting the majority of people in this country, should politicians be doing more and, if so, what action can they take? Should we, as consumers, start facing the harsh fact that we just need to consume less energy? Energy supply and cost is one of the biggest problems facing the UK now and probably for years to come so just how will we keep the lights on?


From Dr. Phil Watten

The broadcasting and production of these events is made possible by the University’s Media Technology research team, and part of the production crew are formed by Sussex’s current undergraduates from the School of Engineering and Informatics.


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